Our Services

Techopportunity is a placement & training company based in Mumbai. We are focused on IT jobs, IT training & certifications and corporate training. We give complete solution to develop career in information technology.

Thought Behind Techopportunity

India has been a major IT hub in the world for more than decade. IT is also a main source of employment in the country. And today’s digital age is creating more and more opportunities in this sector. Observing this scenario, we realized that there is need of a guiding hand for the job seekers; to know need of IT industry as well as for the employers to absorb right candidate.
With this thought; we decided to be that helping hand. And this is how Techopportunity evolved!

IT Recruitment

At techopportunity, our recruiter team attracts high calibre job seekers meeting requirements of our valuable clients. We support candidates & employers throughout the process of interview and we continue to serve post placement. Whether you are experienced IT professional or an IT fresher; we will help you to build a successful career in IT

IT Training & Certification

Techopportunity provides industry recommended IT training courses with global certifications; e.g. CCNP, CCNA, Red Hat, Hadoop, etc. Earning global certifications will validate your skills & knowledge, and it will set you apart from the rest. These highly valuable certifications will boost your IT career & help you to climb ladder of success with ease.

Corporate Training

Techopportunity offers advanced training programmes exclusively designed for corporate world; such as softskill development, HR training, leadership development and women’s wellness & safety. These training programmes will enhance skills & productivity of the employees and also workplace environment. This will help your organization to grow faster.